Traditional Fire Sprinkler Systems

Professional Design, Supply and Installation Throughout London & The South East

Fire Sprinklers

Fire systems are essential in defending yourself, loved ones, staff as well as your own home or business from potentially deadly fires. Fire systems should be present in both large commercial and small domestic settings; don’t let a simple mistake cost you greatly. It is important that you make sure you are fully prepared for the worst-case scenario and have suitable fire detection or prevention systems in place. A government report detailed how 181 people were killed by accidental house fires between 2013 and 2014. 38% of accidental home fires that resulted in fatalities had no fire detection or protection systems present in the building.

Sprinkler Installation

Covering the entirety of London, Kent, Sussex, Essex and the surrounding areas, our engineers are able to install a wide variety of systems, from simple single-head sprinklers to complex systems designed for multi occupancy buildings such as university accommodation or hotels.  Whether you need large scale commercial installation or a single domestic sprinkler installation our engineers will work to the highest standard, at the most efficient pace.

Our specialists can also work to bespoke specifications, tailoring the design and installation process to your needs. We make sure we work closely with you to provide a one-to-one service that is second to none.

We Deal With:

  • Domestic Installations – For all housing complexes and size variants
  • Commercial Installations – Large installations, warehouse complexes, office buildings and

Our Sprinklers:

  • Minimal Damage – Water management systems to reduce potential damage caused by sprinklers going off
  • Cost effective – a range of sprinkler mist systems that reduce the amount of water used whilst increasing water coverage over an area
  • Tailored Maintenance packages – we provide maintenance packages for sprinkler systems to ensure that your fire protection systems are always working to their maximum efficiency.
  • Approved, Reliable, Quality – We make sure all our sprinkler systems are of the highest quality, employing state of the art technology in order to provide your business with sprinkler systems that will save lives if an accidental fire was ever to break out
  • Compliance approved – all our workers are fully qualified and registered, and all of the products we use to install, maintain and repair your sprinkler systems are fully certified and abide by all compliance laws.

Fire Extinguishing Agents


Inergen fire suppression contains a mixture of naturally occurring gasses such as argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to the ratio of 50% nitrogen, 42% argon and 8% carbon dioxide.

Inergen is highly effective at suppressing outbreaks and preventing any re-ignition that may otherwise occur. Inergen does not damage equipment and will not harm anyone in the premises.

Unlike other supressing agents, inergen has no effects on the atmospheric layer and resultantly does not contribute towards global warming.

Safety is at the forefront of any suppression agent; medical trials have shown that inergen does not affect the bodies blood-oxygen content and so does not cause any alterations of blood oxygen levels. Trials also concluded that heart rate was not affected by the presence of Inergen.

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