Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Keeping your Sprinkler System working and legal!

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

You may have already purchased and installed an automatic sprinkler system in order to protect your premises from potential fires, but without a maintenance package there is no guarantee that your sprinklers will function as intended when a situation arises that needs their use.

The Regulatory Reform Act implemented in 2005 made sprinkler maintenance a legal requirement. Maintenance must be conducted by an authorised and approved workforce to make sure that any potential faults in the system are identified and the sprinkler system is working as advertised and intended. Systematik’s engineers are fully TPT certified and have decades of experience and expertise under their belts. We only employ the highest skilled tradesmen in order to make sure our installation and maintenance packages are of the highest standard, and our customers are completely satisfied.

Our team are experienced in all types of sprinkler maintenance; whether you have a new system that needs only a quick check up, or an old system in need of a complete refurbishment, our engineers can do it all.

Our Service and Maintenance Packages:

  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire prevention/supression systems
  • Gas leak detection systems
  • Alarms and monitoring
  • Refurbishment of fire suppression systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Water spray and water mist systems
  • Foam systems
  • Wet and dry riser systems
  • Fire hydrant testing
  • Fire hydrant maintenance
  • + Much more!

Bespoke Maintenance:

  • Tailoring inspection times from weekly visits to monthly inspections
  • Pump and tank inspections and repairs
  • Sprinkler head inspections and repairs
  • Pipework inspections to test against compliance regulations
  • Valve and flow switch testing
  • One-to-one communication to provide a clear platform of communication throughout the maintenance contract

+ Much more

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