Underfloor Heating

A much more efficient way of heating your home

Underfloor Heating across the South East

Systematik is pleased to be leading installer of Nu-Heat, one of the country’s most experienced underfloor heating and integrated renewables design and supply companies, ensuring that you get the best possible heating solution for your needs.

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating (UFH) works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump, through tubing that has been embedded in the floor.

Tubing can either be laid on the floor, which is perfect for any new build or extension, or for renovation, it is designed to fit within slim panels that sit on top of the existing floor.

Due to the floor area being large, sufficient warmth is provided across the whole floor surface to heat your rooms effectively. We offer the mist fire sprinkler systems as well.

The benefits

Underfloor Heating not only frees up wall space that would otherwise be taken up by radiators, but it also creates a luxury – even warmth in your home that is free from draughts and dust movements. Make sure you don’t miss to check out our fire sprinkler systems.

  • More efficient than radiators

UFH is around 25% more efficient when paired with a condensing boiler and a huge 40% more efficient when paired with a heat pump compared to a radiator system, thus saving you money on your fuel bills. If you need any help with air source heat pumps then we have the best air source heat pump engineers kent ready at your service.

  • An invisible heating system

You can place fixtures and fittings wherever you choose as there are no hot or sharp surfaces exposed – perfect for properties with young children or elderly members.

  • Comfortable heat

Warmth rises gently from the entire floor surface giving the perfect heating profile in your home. There will be no cold spots with UFH.

  • An affordable solution

Prices vary depending on the type of system you require, but in the main UFH is surprisingly affordable, especially if you are building your own home. Ask us for a quotation today. Browse through our traditional fire sprinkler systems.

Underfloor heating is designed for your home

Virtually any home can enjoy UFH, including:

  • New builds
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Single areas, small or large, such as conservatories, kitchens, and bathrooms

Every system we install is designed by experts at Nu-Heat specifically for your property and usage pattern, giving you complete peace of mind that your heating system will perform exactly as required. Maintenance is a must no matter what.

If you are considering underfloor heating and would like to know, even more, contact us today and we will be happy to visit you and provide a FREE, no-obligation quote.

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